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We specialise in Mortgage Advice for Subcontractors paid via the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

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Just a few of our recent success stories

We specialise in helping CIS subcontractors, the self-employed and independent contractors to obtain a mortgage.

If you fall into one of these groups then you may have found it challenging to get a mortgage confirmed?

Many brokers, and High Street lenders, don’t understand the CIS Scheme, so those working under these particular employment terms can find it a real battle to find a lender able to help.

That’s where we come in. find the right mortgage for your circumstances.

Our experienced mortgage advisors know the lenders, understand the CIS Scheme, and work to ensure you get the right deal possible.

Every one of our advisors has been carefully vetted: after all, we can only build a successful business if we achieve the right result for our customers.

  • We can help you get a mortgage based on your total earnings, not just your salary
  • We can help if you’ve got accounts for less than two years as a contractor
  • We can help if you’ve been self-employed for less than a year
  • We can help if you’ve not been resident in the UK for at least three years
  • We can help even if you’ve only saved a 5% deposit.

Our client case studies illustrate recent scenarios where we have been able to help clients just like you to secure their new home. It could be you next!

Case Study, Expert Mortgage Advice for CIS Subcontractors

Caroline Is Now A Very Happy Subbie!
Caroline is a CIS Painter and Decorator, who received a mortgage offer with just a 5% deposit.

Case Study, Expert Mortgage Advice for CIS Subcontractors

Chris’s CIS Mortgage Success Story
Chris was getting nowhere alone! When he approached us for help, he had already been declined by

Case Study, Expert Mortgage Advice for CIS Subcontractors

Less than 3 years in the uk our advisors can help you find a mortgage
Adrian had lived in the UK for 18 months, working as a CIS carpenter.

We Say Yes To CIS

Less than 1 year self-employed

5% Deposit

Less than 3 years in the UK

High day-rate with low net profit