Chris’s CIS Mortgage Success Story

We specialise in Mortgage Advice for Subcontractors paid via the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Chris was getting nowhere alone! When he approached us for help, he had already been declined by most of the High Street lenders.

The problem was, he had started as a CIS contractor only a short time before, so every bank he spoke to told him to come back when he had accounts for two years.

After completing a fact-find, our advisor confirmed to Chris that he could get a mortgage with invoices for just three consecutive months.

His third month with the contracting firm was completed just a week later! So, 7 days after that, Chris sent our advisor his 3 invoices and the corresponding bank statements.

He was being paid £170 per day, and had worked 6 days a week for 3 months, which meant his usable annual income for a mortgage was £53,040. Our CIS mortgage advisor was then able to help Chris borrow £265,000.

It took just 6 weeks for the transaction to go through and Chris was then able to move in to his new home.

We Say Yes To CIS

Less than 1 year self-employed

5% Deposit

Less than 3 years in the UK

High day-rate with low net profit