What Are My Mortgage Repayment Options?

There are a number of different options when it comes to the types of mortgage available to you, but when it comes to paying your mortgage off, there are three main options. Repayment Interest-Only A combination of the above If you choose to take out a repayment mortgage, you have to pay both the capital […]

The cost of moving home

Moving home can be a stressful experience. From the initial effort that goes into getting your house ready for viewings, to dealing with the final solicitor enquiries can feel draining, so it’s worth getting your brain in gear when it comes to understanding what the costs will be throughout.   Deposit The bigger the deposit, […]

What To Expect From Exchanging, Completing And Moving

It’s great when your offer on a property has been accepted, but until contracts have been exchanged, nothing is legally binding.  Before contracts have been legally exchanged, either party can pull out of the transaction. If the seller decides they don’t want to sell to you, perhaps because they have been offered a better deal […]

Mythbusting You probably can’t help me because I have bad credit

Mythbusting – #3 You probably can’t help me because I have bad credit At CIS Mortgage Advice, we help CIS subcontractors get a much bigger mortgage from their gross income. I’m really passionate about showing subbys that being paid via the CIS scheme should be seen as a massive advantage to getting a mortgage, and never a hurdle to […]

What costs do you need to factor in when buying a home in England?

For almost everyone buying a house it will involve getting a mortgage, and that’s a financial commitment that could be with you for up to 25 years. But that’s just the main cost, not the only cost. And while the mortgage is paid off over time, there’s more than just a few short-term costs you’ll […]