Download Your Free CIS Mortgage E-Book

Download Your Free CIS Mortgage Ebook, Expert Mortgage Advice for CIS Subcontractors

Get our 10 Top Tips for securing a mortgage with your CIS subcontractor income.

  • Learn how to check your credit history and CIS invoices
  • Understand why it’s important to have a paper trail for your deposit.
  • Give yourself the best possible chance of being approved for a CIS mortgage!

At CIS Mortgage Advice, we specialise in helping subcontractors borrow up to 5 X their annual gross CIS income and we’re here to help you find the right mortgage too.

We say ‘YES!’ to CIS

Although we can’t guarantee you’ll get a mortgage, we are proud that we have helped 100’s of CIS subcontractors buy their dream home since 2010.

For our clients, the following circumstances are normal:

✅ Less than 1 year self-employed
✅ 5% deposit
✅ Less than 3 years in the UK
✅ High day-rate but low net profit

As long as you are on the CIS Scheme, and have 3 months’ worth of continuous payments and a good credit record, then we can help you get a mortgage offer based on your average day-rate.

Don’t worry if you’ve even had a few minor credit blips in the past; or have yet to complete your first self-assessed tax return: we can still help!

Download Your Free CIS Mortgage Ebook, Expert Mortgage Advice for CIS Subcontractors

Seriously Competitive rates from High Street banks

Our friendly mortgage advisors are all experts in the CIS Scheme. They understand that you are neither employed, nor self-employed – but somewhere in between.

We use your average day-rate to calculate exactly how much you can borrow, and only place your CIS mortgage with a High Street bank.

In most circumstances, you can borrow up to 5 times your gross annual salary, and access the same fantastic mortgage rates available to someone who is directly employed.